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Turning entrepreneurship competence into credits!

Yoop supports students in taking advantage of the entrepreneurship competence acquired outside formal education and integrate it into their degrees. It helps students recognise their entrepreneurship competence and provides helpful information and tips for how to apply for the recognition of prior learning as part of the degree to earn credits. also encourages students to negotiate with their teacher about the opportunities to replace some of their future studies with activities that accumulate entrepreneurship competence outside the higher education institution. The web tool includes a separate section for teacher with recommended measures and examples of good practices.

The web tool has been developed in co-operation between Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences in a national higher education development project. Read more.

What is entrepreneurship competence?

Entrepreneurship competence is a multidimensional issue consisting of combinations of various areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

It includes the following:

How to take advantage of entrepreneurship competence in higher education studies?

To mention just a few examples, you can earn credit for business activities, work, engagement in student organisations or other recreational activities!

You can take advantage of your existing entrepreneurship competence by converting your knowledge and skills into ECTS credits through the recognition and accreditation of competence. In higher education institutions, this is referred to as recognition of (prior) learning

You and your teacher can agree in advance how you can acquire competence related to entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial activities outside your studies. This is referred to as accreditation of learning demonstrated in some other manner

Remember that, as a student, you must be active in order to receive ECTS credits!

Alternative ways of completing studies

Study module

Completing studies according to the study plan

  • Selecting studies
  • Participation in studies
  • Completing studies

Recognition of (prior) learning

You can request for your existing competence to be recognised and accredited directly as ECTS credits

  • Mapping competence
  • Demonstration of competence
  • Accreditation

Accreditation of learning demonstrated in some other manner

You can replace some of your future studies with activities accumulating entrepreneurship competence

  • Applicable work or activities
  • Drawing up a plan
  • Accumulation, demonstration and accreditation of competence

Student experiences