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Case: Advance Recognition of (Prior) Learning through Demonstration Days


Theme(s): Competence and its assessment.


The objective of the demonstration days is to identify and recognise the student’s competence before the start of studies.  

Implementation method 

Lapland University of Applied Sciences is currently developing a method for the recognition and accreditation of (prior) competence in advance: when students start their studies (= they receive a study place), they start to reflect on their competence and participate in a demonstration day before starting to study. 

Demonstration days (four demonstration days at different times) have been tested in the education of business administration. 

Process of recognising (prior) learning / accrediting learning demonstrated in some other manner 

The demonstration is completed in five stages:

  1. Students assess and describe their competence in relation to the course objectives and compile the necessary documents. 
  2. Students negotiate with the teacher tutor or study counsellor on the recognition of prior learning. 
  3. Students apply for the recognition of prior learning by completing an application form in the electronic services (SoleOPS). 
  4. The person in charge of the education makes a decision on approving / rejecting the application, or supplementing the application with further demonstrations of competence.  
  5. The demonstration methods include work tests, interviews and written assignments. 


The teacher tutor recommends that the student completes a demonstration of competences. If the teacher tutor’s expertise is not sufficient, an expert teacher is asked to participate. The student’s competence is assessed by a demonstration team during the demonstration day. 

Further information 

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