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Case: Y Portfolio


Theme(s): Practices and principles (individualisation of studies)


Y Portfolio (Entrepreneurship Portfolio) is a so-called course-specific sample portfolio on entrepreneurship. It takes into consideration that students have heterogenous needs and competences, and allows them to complete a variety of personalised assignments in different courses. Students can also ask for their prior learning or learning demonstrated in some other manner to be recognised and accredited within the courses.

Students collect their own assignments in the course-specific Y portfolio through out the course. This enables the teacher to assess the development of the student’s competence during the course in question.  

Implementation method 

Y portfolio is developed and used at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. When using the Y Portfolio, the student collects the assignments and tasks completed for the entrepreneurship and other courses into the Y Portfolio. The Y Portfolio is not an individual study module as such, but it may consist of separate sample portfolios completed for different courses.

It can also be further developed into a thesis; however, it is not possible to earn credit twice for the same assignments, but they can be either processed further, or used in the thesis in some other way. Instructors can comment on the portfolio summaries, and students can, if they wish, discuss different sections of their portfolio with their instructor and other students. 

The Y Portfolio can include, for example, information about the students themselves, a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), a resume, course assignments, blogs, study reports and test results, a Business Model Canvas or a business plan, images, logos, and other plans. Y Portfolio may also consist of other than written material.

However, all included material must be documented some way. With regards to the thesis work, documents and material compiled in the Y Portfolio are linked to each other using a knowledge reference system.

The Y Portfolio describes both the student’s growth into entrepreneurship as well as the growth of an initial idea into either a business idea, a business development plan or a business succession plan. 

Process of recognising (prior) learning / accrediting learning demonstrated in some other manner 

The Y Portfolio may include sections consisting of prior learning that have been recognised and accredited, or learning demonstrated in some other manner and accredited.  


Assessment on a scale of 1–5.

Student experiences