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Cooperation with third parties in the accreditation of learning demonstrated in some other manner


Current challenges:

Workplaces, such as companies and organisations, play a key role in terms of experiential learning, as they are exactly the places where learning takes place. It is not a matter of insignificance what kind of partners the higher education institution chooses to have. It is also worth remembering that companies, organisations and higher education institutions have different operating logics and methods.

It is important to recognise and acknowledge this to avoid the pitfalls in interaction and communication with them. Moreover, the turnover of staff is currently high in different organisations. The different logics and new people pose challenges to cooperation and the building of trust with them. 

In order to solve the challenges related to cooperation with parties outside the higher education institution, we recommend the following:

  • External partners are selected in accordance with the objectives of the
    entrepreneurship courses and to serve the purposes of learning. 
  • The working procedures are agreed in advance with the third parties. Objectives are set to build mutual respect for expertise and carry out open discussion on objectives for co-operation.

Other recommended measures

Student experiences