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Case: Workshops for Describing Competence


Theme(s): Competence and its assessment (reflection on learning).


Many courses require self-assessment, peer review and reflection. This is also the case in subjects other than entrepreneurship, and when looking for work or in recruitment. However, the concept of competence is rather abstract, due to why students often find it difficult to understand what it means. In order to learn how to think about, assess and reflect on their competence, students should above all understand what competence means. 

Implementation method 

Many universities offer support for their students in assessing and reflecting on their competences. For example, the career and recruitment services at Laurea University of Applied Sciences organise workshops in describing competence that teach students how to ‘verbalise their competence’. 

Process of recognising (prior) learning / accrediting learning demonstrated in some other manner 

The process of understanding and describing competence is related to the process of recognising (prior) learning and accrediting learning demonstrated in some other manner, as the students must understand different types of competence and know how to assess their own competence. 

Student experiences